Mobile Casino Hire, How It Works

Whatever your event we will strive to tailor our mobile fun casino services to meet your requirements.

Initial Contact And Setting Up Your Casino

Contact us by phone, email or our website to let us know how many people will be participating and what type of event you are holding eg Corporate, private, stag do, home game, fundraiser.

We will give you some suggested structures of how to run your event based on the number of expected guests together with prices for different levels of equipment and staff available to suit your budget.

Timings and venue agreed we will arrive and set the Casino up as specified.

When The Casino Starts

Before your casino begins, we or your representatives can hand out fun money to your guests (if required).

Your guests simply approach any casino table and ask the croupier to exchange their fun money for casino chips. If they’re not sure how to play the friendly croupiers will instruct them, perhaps with a quick demonstration if the table is quiet.

If your guests would like to take a break or go to another table they can ‘cash in’ their chips for a credit slip which they can take to another table, or hope will make them the winner at the end of the evening!

You may prefer to play just for fun – can they outclass their friends to a higher total ‘win’?! Who will have the prestige of ‘Breaking the Bank’?! Alternatively, it can be more fun if your guests have a prize to play for, a bottle of champagne is usually appropriate but it could be anything you would like to put forward. You could have more than one prize – one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen perhaps?

To Finish The Casino

Ten or fifteen minutes from the end of casino time our croupiers will call the last three hands or spins, ‘cash in’ all players, and then collect the names of the highest ‘winner(s)’. The host can then make an announcement and present the prize(s) if any are offered.

As agreed at the time of booking we then discreetly remove the casino tables or cover and remove at an agreed time with yourselves and the venue.

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